Voyagers I: The Sleeping Abductees; 2nd edition von Ashayana Deane – Amazon
Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti von Ashayana Deane – Amazon                                   Angelic Realities: The Survival Handbook von Ashayana Deane  – Amazon

Die Rückkehr der heiligen Erkenntnis von Kathara. Das Geheimnis der Sternportale.

Von Aleksandar Milanov; Kindle Edition – Amazon (oder bei mir).




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Workshops von Ashayana und Indigo-Team:

2003-11 Secrets of the Yugas (Dublin)
2004-4 Kathara 2-3 Foundations (Phoenix)
2005-1 Kethradon Awakening (India)
2005-5 Ethradon Awakening (Morocco)
2006-1 Festival of Light (London)
2006-2 Treasures of the Tower & the Secret Garden (Tenerife)
2006-4 Two Moons Rising (Phoenix)
2006-5 MCEO Grid-Keepers Communion Conclave-1 (Mt. Shasta)
2006-7 Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship Part-1 (Denver)
2006-8 Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship Part-2 (Phoenix)
2006-10 Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship Part-3 (Virginia Beach)
2007-1 Festival of Light (Phoenix)
2007-4 Krystar Awakening (Phoenix)
2007-8 Revelations of the DhaLA-LUma (Phoenix)
2007-9 The Greatest Love Story (Virginia Beach)
2007-11 Legacy of the Lost (Amsterdam)
2008-1 Festival of Light (Phoenix)
2008-5 Winds of Change (Phoenix
2008-8 Sliders-1 (Phoenix)
2008-9 Sliders-2 (Virginia Beach)
2008-11 Sliders-3 (St. Kitts)
2009-1 Festival of Light (Phoenix)
2009-4 Doorways Through Time (Sarasota)
2009-5 Sliders-4 (Phoenix)
2009-8 Sliders-5 (Phoenix)
2010-1 Festival of Light (Sarasota)
2010-4 Makers of Wings & Other Things (Sarasota)
2010-5 Sliders-7 (Sarasota)
2010-8 Sliders-8 (Phoenix)
2010-10 Sliders-9 (Mayan Cruise) / 2011-1 Festival of Light (Sarasota)
2011-5 Sliders-10 (Sarasota)
2011-8 Sliders-11 (Sarasota)
2012-2013 The Tan-Tri-Ahu-Ra Teachings . The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry I,II,III, IV,V,VI,VII
2014 Keylontic Discourses for Daily Living – Element-1
2015 ShiftMaster Course-1


Tangible Structure of the Soul
Evolutionary Path
Angelic Realities
Secrets of the Indigo Children
Intro to Keylontic Science
Ancient Rites of Passage
Kathara Healing Level 2
Kathara 2 – 3
Elements Of Kathara 4
Science & Spirituality of Creation
Cosmic Clock Re-set
Secrets of the Yugas
The Real Christmas Story
Flame Body Activation
Masters Templar
Secrets of the Arthurian Round Tables
Lemuria and the Ancient Eieyani
Mechanics of Manifestation
One World Order Rising
Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix
Dance For Series
The Dance for Life
Dance for Love
Preparing For Contact
USA Wrap Up – Allentown
DFL UK – Secrets of Metatron
Coping Skills For Earth Changes
Millennium Round-up Expose’
Ancient Rites of Passage
Secrets of the Indigo Children
Psonn Book
Attitudes & Responsibility of Mastery
The APIN Crystal Temple Bases
Consciousness of Ascension
Engaging the God Languages
Exploring The God Worlds
Introduction to the Monad
Postures of Love / Steps Toward Joy
Spirals of Creation
Time: Anatomy of the NOW Moment
The Veca Consiousness Codes
Regent Consulate
12 Tribes Transcripts
Festival Of Lights
Sliders Series
Maharata Text
Illuminati Agendas
Egypt Lectures
Millennium Round-up Expose
Entering the 5th World
Holy Grail Quest
Awakening the Flame of Orion
Forbidden Testaments of Revelation
UK Michael-Mary Line
Kethradon Awakening
Ethradon Awakening
Whispers of RashaReishA
Treasures of Tower & Secret Garden
Maharata Text 2
Two Moons Rising
Elemental Commands
Sacred Sexuality Part 1
Sacred Sexuality Part 2
Sacred Sexuality Part 3
Krystar Awakening
Krystal River Dance
Revelations Of DhaLA-LUma
Greatest Love Story
Amsterdam – Jesus Codes
Tides of Transformation
Doorways Through Time
Makers of Wings & Other Things
Camelot Interview
The 12 Virtues
Module Classes
The APIN Crystal Temple Bases
Consciousness of Ascension
Exploring The God Worlds
Elements of Discovery
Time: Anatomy of the NOW Moment
The Veca Consiousness Codes
The Amenti Teachings
Attitudes & Responsibilities of Mastery
Emotional Body Healing at the Gru-Al
Indigo Children Return of the Emerald Order
Laughing Out Loud: Humour and Mastery
Manifestor’s Guide to Conscious Co-Creation
Stepping Into The Consciousness Of Ascension